Hyena Productions Presents Hashbrown Cereal

Hyena Productions Presents Hashbrown Cereal
This is a compilation of music performed by Hyena Productions artists Botchbud, Dakota, Drew Love, Dwreckillion and Ne0n-Gr4ve and Beacon Meadows artist Bluesteeze. Bluesteeze’s track was recorded live at the Hyena Productions Meeting held on February 28th. This release is dedicated to the memory of our fallen hyena Brian Price.

Brian Price (November 15, 1980-July 13, 2014)

01. Botchbud – Tung-EQUO
02. Dakota – By The Hand
03. Dakota – Screwin’
04. Drew Love – Sonic Monk
05. Dwreckillion – Help Will Find Me
06. Dwreckillion – Gaming On This Is So Hard
07. Ne0n-Gr4ve – Cast A Spell
08. Ne0n-Gr4ve – Ice
09. Ne0n-Gr4ve – Someone Help Me
Bonus Track
10. Bluesteeze – The Police Keep Coming Back (live)

Tung-EQUO [music: Botchbud] guitar, remix: Botchbud . By The Hand [lyrics and music: Dakota] vocals, ukulele: Dakota . Screwin’ [lyrics and music: Dakota] vocals, ukulele: Dakota . Sonic Monk [lyrics and music: D. Love] vocals, guitar: D. Love . Help Will Find Me [music: Dwreckillion] programming: Dwreckillion . Gaming On This Is So Hard [music: Dwreckillion] programming: Dwreckillion . Cast A Spell [music: Ne0n-Graves] programming: Ne0n-Gr4ves. Ice [music: Ne0n-Graves] programming: Ne0n-Gr4ves. Someone Help Me [music: Ne0n-Grave] programming: Ne0n-Gr4ves. The Police Keep Coming Back [Bluesteeze] vocals: Bluesteeze .

All tracks are self-produced / Botchbud’s tracks recorded @ Botchbud’s Studio, Toronto / Dakota tracks recorded @ Dakota’s House, Tampa / Drew Love recorded and mixed @ Drew Love’s Home, Tampa / Dwreckillion tracks recorded and mixed @ Dwreckillion’s Studio, Pennsylvania / Ne0n-Gr4ve tracks recorded and mixed @ Ne0n-Gr4ve’s Studio, Puerto Rico / Original version of “Tung” appears on the Botchbud album Dextroversed / “Cast A Spell” and “Ice” are outtakes from the Ne0n-Gr4ve album Western Dragons / Original version of “The Police Keep Coming Back” appears on the Bluesteeze album Bluereign /

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Hyena Productions Presents Hashbrown Cereal

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  1. Thank you so much for this tribute.Brian was my fiancee and and Damn good father and man. He talked about this and when it was in its start up. He couldn’t wait for me to meet you Mike. I may have only had the pleasure of being a friend then partner for only 6 years but he left an impression on me and EVERYONE he encountered for a life time. Thank you for letting his memory live on in at least some small way. Any of his friends from here can get my contact info from Mike if you want any additional info or service fliers. Much love to you all and thank you again from the bottom of my heart!

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