Botchbud: On Believing In Cranks, Magic And Conspiracies

Before you place faith in something ridiculous, ask yourself this:

Is it possible for geniuses to believe incredibly silly things?

And does it happen often?

The truth is, yes it does. . . consider this next time you feel like believing in something just because an expert on something decides to go against the grain. It’s very appealing to go against “the established”, it gives a sense of rebellion, self righteousness, competition, revolution, and (false) enlightenment. It is also appealing to any sense of suspicion and anti authoritarianism (again false since it’s really appealing to authority). Appealing is the key word.

Now I’m not saying cranks are all geniuses, I just wanted to make the example out of prominent/successful figures since they are often the easiest to believe when they peddle magical lies and bullshit. Especially if they believe their own tripe and can’t let go of the belief that some wild idea they had is true because up to that point they’ve succeeded in something and established some sort of reputation already.

Repeat something enough times and someone ends up believing it, I guess… Is that the game?

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