Fob Rord: Inappropriate Oranges

Fob Rord: Inappropriate Oranges
This is the seventh Fob Rord album, recorded in 2015.

“Hey /b/ 4:19am here, tomorrow morning the police will arrive at my door to arrest me. I will likely be taken to the local police station and put in a cell and questioned for a maximum of 24 hours. Is there any thing I should do right now to prepare? Short story is there should be strict laws about who gets to have kids, and harsh punishments for those who don’t comply. There’s this Christian group on twitter who runs this sort of Jesus conference under the name #beaconmeadows. People have been tweeting out their experiences with the hashtag and using it for their culty Jesus shit. WTF??? I’m sorry sir, this is a dubs-only zone. Please show me your dubs or I can’t let you in. YLYL…”
-Fob Rord

01. Fob Rord – Fuck Bananas, pt. 1 (Gimme)
02. Fob Rord – Shahkhinah
03. Fob Rord – Fuck Bananas, pt. 2 (Meat)
04. Fob Rord – Clockwork Agent Julius
05. Fob Rord – Fuck Bananas, pt. 3 (Pecker)
06. Fob Rord – Shahkhinah (Little Boy Strangelove)
07. Fob Rord – Fuck Bananas, pt. 4 (Milhouse Banana)
08. Fob Rord – Have (Fobversion)

Produced, written and performed by Fob Rord / Beats by DJ Dorothy Dahmer [track 4] / Choir vocals by Lord Hindermere Collegiate Institute Girl’s Choir [track 4] / Beats, vocals and ukulele by Dakota [track 8] / Made in Fort Nemo, The Sovereign Republic Of Shenanigans, with people more talented than you / Original version of “Have” appears on the Dakota album Rabbits /

>>Download here:
Fob Rord: Inappropriate Oranges

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