Botchbud And D.M.: Hand Over On The Hill

Botchbud And D.M.: Hand Over On The Hill
This is an album by Botchbud And D.M., recorded in 2008.

Botchbud and D.M. are musicians from Pickering, Ontario Canada. They have been playing music together for a long time and finally started to release home recordings in 2008. They both give a strong artistic sound within their styles of playing and have a creative and open mind when it comes to writing a master piece. They explore musical genres such as Progressive Rock, Art Rock, Heavy Metal, Acoustic, Electronic, Jazz, Blues, and many more. They’ve been doing serious recording with each other since 2006 with the Epsilon Eridani recording session and have recently been working on newer material that will eventually be released. They have released together 2 Demos, and Botchbud has appeared on D.M.’s first demo.

01. Botchbud And D.M. – Hand Over On The Hill
02. Botchbud And D.M. – Let Go
03. Botchbud And D.M. – The Bike Ride
04. Botchbud And D.M. – Acidic Epic Jam

Produced, written and performed by Botchbud and Darren Mantle

>>Download here:
Botchbud And D.M.: Handover On The Hill

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