Fob Rord: Enter Title Here

Fob Rord: Enter Title Here
This is the ninth Fob Rord album, record in 2015.

“Hey there L.W. Sittondik, you seem really stressed. Might I suggest a lot of beer and a lot of aspirin. Here’s a razor. You know what to do. No one will remember you. You are a joke and believe me, it would crush you to know who’s laughed at it. I will bottle your tears to sustain myself through the summer. Thanks for the refill.”
-Fob Rord

01. Fob Rord – Boys And Girls
02. Fob Rord – Black Out
03. For Rord – Tits Or GTFO
04. Fob Rord – Fuck Everything (Meditation Version)
05. Fob Rord – The South Needs Shenanigans

Produced, written and performed by Fob Rord / Guitars by Ra Zombie [track 1] / Beats by DJ Dorothy Dahmer [track 2] / Made in Fort Nemo, The Sovereign Republic Of Shenanigans, you wish you lived here /

>>Download here:
Fob Rord: Enter Title Here

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