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Botchbud: On Believing In Cranks, Magic And Conspiracies

Before you place faith in something ridiculous, ask yourself this:

Is it possible for geniuses to believe incredibly silly things?

And does it happen often?

The truth is, yes it does. . . consider this next time you feel like believing in something just because an expert on something decides to go against the grain. It’s very appealing to go against “the established”, it gives a sense of rebellion, self righteousness, competition, revolution, and (false) enlightenment. It is also appealing to any sense of suspicion and anti authoritarianism (again false since it’s really appealing to authority). Appealing is the key word.

Now I’m not saying cranks are all geniuses, I just wanted to make the example out of prominent/successful figures since they are often the easiest to believe when they peddle magical lies and bullshit. Especially if they believe their own tripe and can’t let go of the belief that some wild idea they had is true because up to that point they’ve succeeded in something and established some sort of reputation already.

Repeat something enough times and someone ends up believing it, I guess… Is that the game?

Botchbud: Technology And Medicine

Botchbud: Technology And Medicine

I’m on some sorta super different biological wave than like 800% of humanity!!! WTF.. My human node needs to be inserted into the neuronetwork of billions of humans who have this weird other neurotypical thing I can’t access!! Can the field of medicine please come up with a solution now so I’m not a fuckin single skull dweller.. I could save the universe if the RIGHT VARIABLE were available!! 😉 😉 Seriously peeps.. Fuckin’ neuroscientists.. Props up to them.. They are going to change humanity. .. Same with geneticists.. You all will in your own way but those people are like super needin to front for humanity right now because the number 1 thing we need to understand is ourselves, our BRAIN, NEURO NETWORK, and how it connects to the mass levels of other brains out there . Frikkin wetware, this is where I’m at, my brain needs a CRUTCH that can make me a totally different human (FULLY EXPRESSED). I may be somewhat non-neurotypical… actually.. I’m extremely not neurotypical.. but guess what,… I’m gonna drive my brain one day and swoop across planet earth to change it .. Yes that is inside me and I don’t give a fuk if the little deep cave moments are what has to make me get there.. I will control my brain.. look I’m 27 yrs old and I have a shit load of years ahead of me and there will be new tech to advance humanity..

Technology and medicine will advance humanity. Later. Not too far off but its coming. Relative.

Maybe I will be a neuroscientist some day but I’m not sure. Let’s see.

This is usually really hard to say btw! My neuronal connections have lacking net availability… I will fkn master this shit one day. That’s my dream.

Neuroscientists and geneticists will advance the future into something beautiful. They will just wait. DON’T IMPLODE HUMANITY .. please. Life in general. Its not all about HUMANS. It’s about other living beings too. Yeah I know it sounds nutty to normals, but I had to get this out really…. THINK ABOUT IT… Digest this information.. Its important..

Go back to native way but with ultra tech enhancements. Yeah, I’m an idealist today, what can I say. You won’t get this every day will you? Unless I master the meatware and the HARD TECH.

Please for the love of the universe ADVANCE HUMANITY WITH TECHNOLOGY AND BIOLOGY. Any high level docs out there?? Researchers!!! Do your stuff. You are the savior of this humanity.

Botchbud: Blind Assumptions

Botchbud: Blind Assumptions

I was just thinking about something. I can’t blame people for being mean to a mean person, or refraining from being nice to an asshole, sociopath , psychopath or manipulator.. but, I think people this day and age often have black and white thinking, and throw the asshole label onto the wrong people far too quickly, and then refrain from giving them the time of day that they deserve. People should be more kind to others around them and try to gain a true understanding and insight of the people they come across….. it’s understandable that not everyone can like everyone .. at least be straightforward and engage in some kind of communication process instead of judging based on super limited experience and blind assumptions

I’m not begging for naivety or to take unnecessary risks, just to have compassion, understanding, and to at least exercise some sort of effort in evaluating the situation, observing, and communication. It all must be in a way that protects yourself as well.

Botchbud: Give Passion Some Power

Botchbud: Give Passion Some Power

I would like to note an interesting observation. Some people think that knowledge is something you can’t turn back from, an end in itself. They want to open their eyes and be “enlightened” (whatever that may mean to you as an individual), yet at times when they do receive this “enlightenment” they feel they are actually now entangled in “sin” or disillusionment due to this enlightenment; perhaps they feel corrupted. Others may gain a sense of superiority over their fellow beings for being more “right” than the others, even being heavily detached from reality. I think what is much scarier than that is the fact that much of that “knowledge” may be wrong OR right; it was simply processed in your brain in such a way that was so impactful that you thought it was “real”. If you suspended conviction, how long would you take to consolidate all the spinning ideas? By what methods would you try to ensure the accuracy of what you were experiencing in your head? Would you be one step ahead of reality in the game, or would it come to bite you back in the ass again? .. I don’t know. I think really it will depend on the apparatus you are working with, and highly. But I must say, I think I’m a happier individual when I can pull myself back from that “magical thinking” part of my brain and decide not to believe what I’m thinking, and instead to ask myself if that is an accurate representation of reality or not. Essentially I’ve found that in my life, especially in the past, my mind acts like a magnet to ideas, but philosophical thinking really isn’t everything. It can be really far too out there at times. Magical and spiritual types of thinking can also be highly destructive. Actually these two forms of thinking are probably what destroyed what I used to be and made me into a new(ish) person. But still, at times I get these really crazy thoughts, essentially what happens is I will have some philosophical idea about how something works, and suddenly it simultaneously lines up with both reality and some other non-reality in my head, that somehow part of my mind has gone on its own to assume all sorts of things, all being within that philosophical framework. BAM! instinct kicks in on hyperdrive and I’m living almost in another reality, another belief system. Now we are at the part of the story I wanted to get to. Yes, we will constantly have to grow as people, and with that our minds will change and our belief systems will have some modifications, and maybe even be done over. Perhaps we will feel quite differently. Just be careful though. You wouldn’t want to go making yourself incapacitated by flipping the poles of your mind too much. Me, my imperative is to neutralize it somewhat. It gives passion some power.

Botchbud: Cray Cray

Botchbud: Cray Cray

That little chaotic , schizophrenic, artsy poetic visionary part of me is ticking, and I’m really not sure if that is a good thing or not… It’s one of those “recoil, escape, create” but possibly “lose touch with reality” feelings… My mind starts seeing, hearing and feeling in analogues, somewhat of a religious synesthesia… Obsession goes to hardcore levels, the mind holds on to every last thing it can remember as it has difficultly stringing anything beyond those things… Man… Really, it’s just lurking in the background waiting to pounce on me at any moment. For those who can relate read a little further for comfort. Has your fantasy ever been what has actually kept you sane? Kind of like a poor excuse for the world… To keep you going on a little longer as if you actually had a dying chance? Are fantasies really that precious? Let me tell you what I’m waiting for… Something practically impossible. Rome wasn’t built in a day, probably wasn’t devised of that quickly either. But what does Rome have to do with me? It seems I am on the other end of the tunnel of time repeating itself…