Hyena History

Hyena Productions is the first official imprint of Beacon Meadows, established in late 2011 by MAN3 with Botchbud and Skunky as a microcosm of unfiltered creative madness. Since March of 2014, this deranged cackle of diverse artists has been managed by the mighty hyena of The Great White North, Botchbud. If Beacon Meadows is a family, then Hyena Productions is the Manson family. Be prepared to be pushed to the limits, because its time to expect the unexpected!

At its conception, Hyena Productions consisted of Botchbud and Skunky. Shortly after the launch of Hyena Productions, Skunky formed his live jam project YborCityDrumCircles, consisting of an interchanging line-up of Ybor City locals that would meet and perform on the sidewalks and alleys of the Ybor City core. Also during this time in the infancy of Hyena Productions, ukulele player Dakota and the mysterious Unknown Prophet became involved with Hyena Productions.

While living on a boat after moving out of Ybor City in the Spring of 2012, Skunky began working and collaborating with Diatomaceous Motherfucker and Ian. Though living on the boat only lasted a few months, the collaborative relationships he built with both of them continued after Skunky again moved back to Tampa and familiar ground. In the later part of the summer, after launching the Republican Natural Crisis 2012 project (resulting in an album, a mixtape and two short films), political commentator Jeff Cooper and saxophonist/professional stoner Tony Sierra began working with Hyena Productions. In December of 2012, electronic musician/mad scientist/genius Brian Price became associated with Hyena Productions.

In February 2013, Puerto Rico-based furstep producer Ne0n-Gr4ve began working with Hyena Productions. The end of March saw the launch of the Fuck Spice Smoke Weed project (in collaboration with Beacon Meadows artists Don Thomas and MAN3 and Beacon Meadows North artist Faiyaz Shah), resulting in two short films (and a soundtrack available through Beacon Meadows North). In early April of 2013, MAN3, Robert Oh and Skunky released a collaborative album as Hydra-Phonics. Near the end of the month, Skunky, Tony Sierra and guitarist/poet Drew Love formed the jam band The Temple Terraformers and guitarist Don Kyle-Yotee became involved with Hyena Productions. Christian-techno artist Dwreckillion joined in July of 2013.

In September of 2014, absurdcore artist Fob Rord began working with Hyena Productions. His friend and frequent collaborator DJ Dorothy Dahmer later joined in November of 2014, followed by experimental guitarist Ra Zombie in August of 2015.

Hyena Productions Catalogue (Music)

HPM02-00 Botchbud: Experiments & Plant Machine
HPM00-01 Skunky: The Hyena Presents The Ultimate Tragedy (Your Life)

HPM00-02 Skunky: The Hyena Presents The Ultimate Bitchslap To Jesus’ Face
HPM00-03 Skunky: Casual Friend Psychonautic Food Adventure
HPM00-04 Skunky: A Journey Into The Realm Of Psychoactivity From The Viewpoint Of A Mentally Ill Patient
HPM00-05 Skunky: Skunky vs. Botchbud EP
HPM00-06 Skunky: Psychotic Psychosis
HPM03-01 Diatomaceous Motherfucker: Pub Crawl
HPM03-02 Diatomaceous Motherfucker: Trampled
HPM03-03 Diatomaceous Motherfucker: The Man Gun (Colombia)
HPM02-01 Botchbud: Adam Fl02 180
HPM02-02 Botchbud: Moar Stuffs For Teh Fondling
HPM01-01 Hyena Productions Presents The Republican Natural Crisis 2012
HPM02-03 Botchbud: Earwig Intro
HPM02-04 Botchbud: Thousand Miles
HPM04-01 Dakota: China
HPM00-07 Skunky: The Hyena Presents The Ultimate Bitchslap To The Republican Party
HPM00-08 Skunky: Hendspi Gallery Of Erotic Turkish Handjobs And Sibellet Stuff

HPM00-09 Skunky: Cutie Fox
HPM04-02 Dakota: Yuck
HPM01-02 Hyena Productions Presents The Sym-Fur-Ny Of Infamy
HPM05-01 Ne0n-Gr4ve: Gr4veyards
HPM00-10 Skunky: What What Mitt Romney’s Butt
HPM04-03 Dakota: Rabbits
BMM30-01 Hydra-Phonics: Legend Of The Blue Hyena
HPM07-01 The Temple Terraformers: The Temple Terraformers
HPM08-01 Drew Love: 911, Bad Call
HPM07-02 The Temple Terraformers: The Temple Terraformers vs. LOTR
HPM07-03 The Temple Terraformers: 20130517
HPM00-11 Skunky: NoizRemixCollekt4Sikfux
HPM06-01 Tony Sierra: Curiosity
HPM04-04 Dakota: FILTHY-Chay0ss
HPM01-03 Hyena Productions Presents Unifursal Animosity

HPM04-05 Dakota: MeOw
HPM05-02 Ne0n-Gr4ve: Western Dragons
HPM00-12 Skunky: The Hyena Presents The Ultimate Whatever The Fuck This Is
HPM07-04 The Temple Terraformers: Album 4
HPM02-05 Botchbud: Magma Tech
HPM02-06 Botchbud: Flying Monk Forest Monestary
HPM09-01 Fob Rord: Dolan An Friens Sing The Songs
HPM02-07 Botchbud: Back In The Synethesia
HPM02-08 Botchbud: Plains
HPM02-09 Botchbud: Verything Forest
HPM04-06 Dakota: Rebody
HPM02-10 Botchbud: EYES
HPM02-11 Botchbud: Dextroversed
HPM01-04 Hyena Productions Presents Hashbrown Cereal
HPM09-02 Fob Rord: Fuck You Dolan
HPM02-12 Botchbud: Bussing
HPM09-03 Fob Rord: Fuck You Dolan Strikes Back
HPM09-04 Fob Rord: Fuck You Dolan Of The Jedi

HPM09-05 Fob Rord: I Hate Music
HPM09-06 Fob Rord: If You Like This Fuck You
HPM02-13 Botchbud: Construct
HPM09-07 Fob Rord: Inappropriate Oranges
HPM09-08 Fob Rord: Satan 2015
HPM10-01 Botchbud And D.M.: Hand Over On The Hill
HPM09-09 Fob Rord: Enter Title Here

HPM09-10 Fob Rord: Look Is Fucking Dirty
HPM09-11 Fob Rord: The Fuck You Dolan Awakens
HPM11-01 DJ Dorothy Dahmer: Can You Feel It

HPM09-12 Fob Rord: Dolan One (A Fuck You Story)

Hyena Productions Catalogue (Video)

HPV03-001 Dakota: The Furry Jungle Jam
HPV01-001 Skunky: Cooking Your Brain Cells
HPV01-002 Skunky: The Hyena’s Public Suicide Note
HPV01-003 Skunky: Duct Tape Suit
HPV01-004 Skunky: Fur Your Pleasure
HPV01-005 Skunky: Live With Milkshake Boy
HPV01-006 Skunky: A Day With Skunky & Magitek
HPV01-007 Skunky: Skunky’s Greatest Shits
HPV01-008 Skunky: Skunky Madness 2 (A Day In The Wherk Life Of Skunky)
HPV01-009 Skunky: Hookah Pooka
HPV01-010 Skunky: A Very Merry Hyena Thanksgiving
HPV02-001 Botchbud: Drummer Guy Near Dundas Square
HPV01-011 Skunky: A Cheerful Holiday Shoutout From Hyena Productions

HPV01-012 Skunky: A Day In The Life Of The Hyena
HPV01-013 Skunky: Skunky And Don Thomas Discuss Spice
HPV01-014 Skunky: Fuck Spice Smoke Weed

HPV02-002 Squirrley Cake Johnson Jones: Stupidest Crap Ever

Hyena Productions Catalogue (Writings)

HPW02-001 Botchbud: Cray Cray
HPW02-002 Botchbud: Give Passion Some Power

HPW02-003 Botchbud: Blind Assumptions
HPW02-004 Botchbud: Technology And Medicine
HPW02-005 Botchbud: On Believing In Cranks, Magic And Conspiracies

BMP-002 The Collected Works Of Drew Love

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